Verona Mall New Capital by Capital Link Developments

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Verona Mall New Capital by Capital Link Developments
Verona Mall New Capital by Capital Link Developments
Verona Mall New Capital by Capital Link Developments
Verona Mall New Capital by Capital Link Developments

Verona Mall New Capital, owned by Capital Link Developments, is a gateway to a guaranteed and profitable real estate investment in the heart of the commercial district of the New Administrative Capital.

The company has allocated the downtown area for the construction of the commercial building. This prime location serves numerous government entities and residential areas, surrounded by main roads, banks, entertainment zones, and more.

Overview of Verona Mall New Capital

The implementing company offers modern services and technologies within Verona Mall New Capital, relieving customers of burdens and pressures while ensuring maximum comfort.

The mall brilliantly utilizes spaces, boasts stunning natural views, and stands out with impressive interior and exterior designs. Additionally, it offers competitively priced units with various customer-friendly instalment plans.

Overview of Verona Mall New Capital

Real Estate Developer of Verona Mall New Capital

The real estate developer of Verona Mall New Capital is Capital Link Developments. The company, led by experienced engineer Ashraf Badee, has been active in the real estate market since 2016. It has undertaken significant projects in the Red Sea, Cairo, and the Gulf region.

Capital Link possesses vast lands to execute three projects within the heart of the New Administrative Capital. The company is committed to constructing Verona Mall New Capital according to global standards and specifications. This project is part of its expansion plans in Egypt.

The company comprises elite professionals, experts, and engineers with up to 20 years of experience. Recently, it has shifted its focus to the New Administrative Capital due to its remarkable achievements in recent years.

Capital Link has multiple plans to enhance investment and urban development across Egypt. Its efforts are dedicated to delivering massive, multi-purpose urban projects, capturing the interest of investors and clients from the outset.

Real Estate Developer’s Previous Projects

Previous works by Capital Link for Real Estate Development include various projects renowned for their precision and engineering excellence throughout Egypt, such as Atika Compound, Ozone Compound, Solano Mall, Cardia Mall, Dorado Mall, Laval Mall, Spot 5 Mall, Cairo Capital Center Compound, and Serrano Compound.

Location of Verona Mall New Capital

Verona Mall New Capital represents a new venture for Capital Link for Real Estate Development. The company invested around 700 million Egyptian pounds to construct a massive commercial and administrative mall.

Positioned within the downtown (Mu19) area, it is surrounded by prominent zones and central roads that facilitate swift travel between the New Capital and Greater Cairo. Furthermore, it’s situated amidst government entities and renowned entertainment areas within the downtown district.

The company strategically selected this location to ensure a continuous influx of visitors and high demand for administrative, commercial, and medical services offered within Verona Mall’s units.

Nearby Locations to Verona Mall New Capital

The commercial mall is located in a geographically advantageous area, close to vital zones such as:

  • A 20-minute drive from Cairo International Airport.
  • A 10-minute distance from the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo.
  • Proximity to the Green River Park.
  • Adjacent to the Egyptian Opera House.
  • Surrounded by significant projects in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Connected to other areas via the Ninety Road and near the Ain Sokhna and Cairo-Suez roads.
  • A short distance from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity.
  • Near the Monorail train station.
  • Close to important residential districts in the capital, such as the Government District and the Financial and Business District.
  • Just minutes away from the renowned Masah Hotel in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Next to crucial government institutions like ministry buildings and major banks including the Central Bank of Egypt.

Verona Mall New Capital 3

Services of Verona Mall New Capital

The development company behind the commercial mall aimed to provide an intelligent, fully serviced, and integrated building, evident in the following features:

  • The underground parking garage is spread across two levels to accommodate cars and maintain traffic flow in front of the building.
  • Comprehensive security system including modern surveillance cameras and security personnel.
  • Central air conditioning extends to all units within the building.
  • High-speed, high-quality internet connectivity facilitates operations in all units.
  • Regular cleaning services are managed by an international company.
  • Building management utilizing smart technology and the latest modern management programs.
  • Escalators on each floor alongside three elevators.
  • Various cafes and restaurants for enjoyment and relaxation.
  • Commercial units dedicated to selling products from renowned global and local brands.
  • Smart central sound and shower system.
  • Advertising and display screens adorning the building’s floors.
  • A massive hypermarket providing both local and international food and goods.

Features of Project

Verona Mall New Capital boasts several features provided by Capital Link, including:

  • Exterior design with double-glazed glass facades.
  • An intelligent building operating with the latest technology and programs for project and building management.
  • Modern and contemporary interior designs.
  • Ample space allocation to ensure comfort and flexibility in choosing among units with varying interior sizes.
  • Units offer charming views of a captivating landscape area.
  • Strategic geographic location for easy promotion and advertising.
  • Utilization of advanced lighting technology systems.
  • Implementation of solar panels for clean electricity generation, reducing environmental impact.
  • Leasing opportunities with high value.

Design of Verona Mall New Capital

Verona Mall New Capital, executed by Capital Link for Real Estate Development, is distinguished by its overall design. The company paid meticulous attention to constructing the building with exceptional care and precision, positioning it to genuinely compete with commercial malls across European countries.

By employing artificial intelligence and modern technology, the company created an intelligent building that contributes to ongoing productivity and flexible management of various projects. This approach eases the workload on those working within the units. Moreover, they prioritized both interior and exterior designs.

The interior designs exude elegance and luxury, featuring marble entrances and panoramic vistas that grace the interior of the building. Externally, the use of modern and contemporary glass facades immediately catches the eye. Surrounding green spaces envelop the building from all directions.

The mall is designed with a ground floor, 8 upper levels, and 2 basement floors dedicated to parking. Units are distributed across the floors according to the design approved by the owning company as follows:

Commercial units and shops are distributed between the ground floor and the first and second upper levels.

Clinics and medical centres occupy the third floor.

Administrative units and offices are distributed from the fourth to the eighth floors.

Space of Verona Mall New Capital

The owning company of the Verona Mall New Capital project in the New Administrative Capital has prioritized comfort and freedom of choice by allocating a total area of 2085 square meters for the complete construction of the project. Notably, the majority of this space has been designated for green spaces and captivating natural landscapes that surround the building units.

Efficient utilization of the total space has greatly contributed to all units having enchanting views of the natural landscape. The remaining space has been allocated for the implementation of a variety of multi-purpose units, characterized by varying sizes.

Types of Units in Verona Mall New Capital

Verona Mall New Capital by Capital Link in the downtown area of the New Administrative Capital features versatile units suitable for various investment projects. These units are housed within a smart building built on technology and modern techniques.

The units come in diverse sizes and are characterized by precise engineering design executed by renowned engineers and designers from the Arab region. The variation in size is among the features that assist customers in selecting units that match their needs and requirements.

Types of Units at Verona Mall New Capital

Capital Link offers us different types of units at Verona Mall New Capital as follows:

  • Commercial units encompassing shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Administrative units suitable for offices, companies, and headquarters.
  • Medical clinics and specialized health centres within medical units.

Space Allocation at Verona Mall New Capital

The graduated spaces within the Verona Mall New Capital project in the New Administrative Capital are a key feature sought after by investors. Unit sizes differ based on their location within the building, as follows:

  • The ground, first, and second floors offer units ranging from 25 to 95 square meters.
  • Medical units on the third floor start from 26 to 84 square meters.
  • Administrative units on floors four to eight range from 26 to 84 square meters.

Prices of Units in Verona Mall New Capital

The prices of the project have been included among the features provided by the owning company to attract investors and enable a range of purchasing abilities to invest in Verona Mall New Capital. The announced price list is as follows:

  • The price per square meter for commercial units on the ground floor starts at 90,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter for upper-level commercial units on the first floor starts at 70,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter for commercial units on the second upper level starts at 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for administrative and medical units, the price starts from 18,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.

Prices of Units in Verona Mall New Capital

Payment and Installment Systems

Investing in the Capital Link project in the New Administrative Capital is facilitated by the comfortable systems and facilities provided by the company to all investors. More than one instalment system is available, allowing customers to choose what suits them:

  • Installment over 5 years with no down payment.
  • Installment over 6 years with a 10% down payment of the unit’s total price.
  • Also, a 15% down payment of the unit’s price with installments over 7 years is available.
  • Similarly, a 20% down payment of the total unit price with instalments over 8 years is possible.
  • Installment over 9 years is an option after paying 25% of the total unit price.
  • Customers are required to pay a maintenance deposit amounting to 10% of the total unit price before the handover date, a year in advance.
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Who is the developer of Verona Mall New Capital?

Capital Link Developments

Where is Verona Mall New Capital located?

New Capital

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To contact the sales team, call us at: 01100011773