Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed by IWAN Developments | 4 years

Sheikh Zayed
Prices from 10,000,000 EGP / unit
Down payment 10%
4 Installment
Prices are constantly updated. Contact us for the current price
Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed by IWAN Developments | 4 years
Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed by IWAN Developments | 4 years
Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed by IWAN Developments | 4 years
Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed by IWAN Developments | 4 years
Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed by IWAN Developments | 4 years

Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed is located at the entrance of New Sheikh Zayed City, directly on Al-Nahda Street, in a unique strategic location at the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, 6th of October, just minutes away from Juhayna Square, Hossary Square, and Hyper One.

This compound showcases an architecturally attractive design, and it is known for being an upscale community dedicated exclusively to independent villas, twin houses, and townhouses.

Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed is also a fully integrated residential community that offers services exceeding customer expectations in terms of entertainment and amenities at the highest international standards.

Overview of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

It is the ideal choice for those seeking pleasure and comfort. Living within this upscale villa complex means being outside the realm of traditional life to indulge in a world abundant with enchanting nature, elegant exteriors, and luxurious interior decorations while having all the comfort and enjoyment in a peaceful and vibrant lifestyle.

Here, you will experience the true meaning of an ideal life, away from noise and congestion, to enjoy fresh, refreshing air coming from the green nature and pure blue water surfaces, which provide all units with breathtaking views and luxury.

The atmosphere outside the units within this exceptional residential complex in Egypt will be highly enjoyable, characterized by privacy, sophistication, and tranquillity, with all the elements of happiness available, including spacious and diverse gardens, beautiful landscapes, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, walking and jogging tracks, and recreational areas for both adults and children.

Overview of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Real Estate Developer of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

IWAN Developments Company is the owner and developer of the Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed project.

Owning a unit within this compound means dealing with one of the major architectural companies in Egypt, known for its over 16 years of experience and its commitment to international quality standards in construction. IWAN Developments is dedicated to establishing integrated residential projects with impeccable service and entertainment systems.

IWAN Developments always strives to provide comfort and happiness to its clients in the residential projects it establishes, while achieving the highest level of architectural creativity. It collaborates with the most experienced engineering consultancy offices and innovative designers in Egypt.

The company has executed numerous mega urban projects, with an investment value of around 2 billion Egyptian pounds in 2018, limited to Sheikh Zayed City and 6th of October City.

Real Estate Developer’s Previous Projects

  • Gera 6th of October project.
  • Alma 6th of October compound.
  • Majada Al Ain Sokhna village.
  • Jawar compound.
  • Jidar compound.
  • Fida project.
  • Gera Sheikh Zayed project.
  • The Axis 6th of October compound.

Location of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

The first innovative step taken by IWAN Developments in constructing Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed was selecting this strategically important location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City on, the 6th of October. Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed is just a few minutes away from Hyper One, with a distance of 200 square meters. Juhayna Square is also located 10 minutes away.

Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed is directly located on Al-Nuzha Street, near major axes and main roads such as 26th of July Axis, Sheikh Zayed Desert Road, and Al-Obour Road. This makes it easily accessible from any area within Greater Cairo.

The project is only 17 minutes away from Smart Village, Zayed Central Hospital, and Dar Al-Fouad Hospital. It is also 8 minutes away from the Mall of Arabia and just 15 minutes away from the Mall of Egypt. Moreover, the project is adjacent to Nile University and Al-Hosary Square in October.

Near Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed, there are several other upscale residential complexes such as Tara Compound, Royal City, Jawar Compound (also executed by IWAN Developments), and Gate Cairo Project in the 14th District. The presence of these important residential compounds in the vicinity of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed ensures living in an area with maximum service facilities, including shopping centres, universities, schools, and other superior-level amenities.

Therefore, despite the tranquillity that characterizes the area where Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed is located, it is not isolated. It is inhabited by many residents and is known for its lively and elegant atmosphere.

Location of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Services of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed offers a wide range of entertainment and utility services that cater to the resident’s needs for enjoyment and luxury. Among these services are:

  • The compound stands out with its charming nature, where the gardens harmonize with each other in a breathtaking scene, enhanced by the interlacing water bodies amidst the vast green spaces that occupy most of the project’s area.
  • This artistic touch captivates the eyes and delights the hearts, giving this complex a unique living style unlike any other residential place and providing each residential unit with beautiful views.
  • Social clubs are available, providing various activities and upscale seating arrangements suitable for families and gatherings of friends, characterized by elegance and privacy.
  • There are also world-class diverse sports fields offering various sports activities.
  • A health club provides sauna, jacuzzi, and spa services at the highest levels.
  • Additionally, there is a complex of restaurants and cafes that offer the best international services, dishes, and beverages to suit different tastes.
  • There are tracks for walking, running, and cycling amidst the gardens to spend enjoyable moments.
  • Moreover, there are seating areas surrounded by stunning landscapes, offering a sense of privacy for residents to relax and find peace of mind.
  • Different-sized swimming pools are available, catering to various age groups, and located in various parts of the compound.
  • Dedicated car garages equipped with top-notch security and maintenance systems are provided.
  • There is also a spacious commercial area that includes several international brands and famous trademarks.
  • Furthermore, a healthcare centre is available, offering medical services covering various specialities. This centre is highly equipped and houses the most experienced medical professionals in Egypt.
  • Precise security services and surveillance cameras are present throughout the project to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are available around the clock.
  • There is also a spacious Islamic-style mosque.
  • Areas with entertainment games and enjoyable activities are dedicated to children, providing them with a wonderful and unconventional time within the compound.
  • There are designated areas for barbecues and other recreational facilities for families, alongside venues for special occasions.
  • Pharmacies are available 24/7.

Features of Project

  • The compound is distinguished by its unique strategic location within Sheikh Zayed City, near major axes and main roads. It is near important residential complexes within the Sixth of October City.
  • Therefore, it is located in a vital spot where all the best healthcare and educational services in the city are available. It is easily accessible from any area within Greater Cairo.
  • This is in addition to the service and entertainment system present in the compound, making it a premier and enjoyable world that provides its residents with a luxurious, comfortable, and exclusive lifestyle. It differs from any other living style outside this luxurious compound.
  • Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed is dedicated to villas, townhouses, and twin houses, which adds to its splendour and sophistication, especially since its architectural design is innovative, luxurious, and elegant.
  • The residential units within Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed come in various sizes and at affordable prices, making them suitable for a large number of customers. You may be one of those fortunate enough to reside in this upscale complex.
  • The proximity of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed to the finest shopping malls in Egypt allows its residents to experience exceptional shopping.

Design of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed has been designed with creative engineering that prioritizes green spaces and natural landscapes, occupying the majority of the project area, which amounts to 62,000 square meters.

Consequently, the percentage of gardens and water bodies reaches 82%. The service and entertainment facilities are located at the heart of this enchanting nature, creating a magical and pollution-free world. It feels as if you are on your secluded island, vibrant and serene at the same time.

The residential units cover a built-up area of 16,000 square meters with elegant exterior facades. The interior designs and decorations complement the available engineering innovation in this exclusive project within Egypt’s land.

Everything around you is designed with the highest engineering specifications and exquisite luxury touches that please the eye and provide the highest level of comfort. Especially since all these luxurious units enjoy breathtaking views of Atrio’s nature, privacy was considered during the project’s design, with units available in different sizes and varieties.

Space of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed has been built on a vast area of 19 acres, equivalent to 80,000 square meters. Therefore, it is a fully integrated residential project with utilized space throughout the compound, abundant with harmonious natural landscapes in a simple and attractive form that delights the eye and brings joy.

Types of Units in Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

  • Townhouses start from 246 square meters.
  • Twin houses start from 254 square meters.
  • Independent villas start from 265 square meters.

Prices of Units in Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

The price per square meter in Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed starts from 16,000 Egyptian pounds. The prices of units vary based on their size and designs.

The price of a townhouse starts from 9,991,584 Egyptian pounds, while the prices of twin houses start from 10,854,893 Egyptian pounds.

Prices of Units in Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Payment and Installment Systems

Customers can pay a reservation deposit of 15% of the unit’s price. An additional 5% is due after one year of reserving, and 10% is due after two years.

The remaining price of the unit can be paid in equal instalments for up to 8 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed?

IWAN Developments.

Where is Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed located?

Sheikh Zayed.

How can I contact the sales team of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed?

To contact the sales team, call us at: 01100011773