Kardia New Capital by Capital Link Developments | 10 years

New Capital
Prices from 2,300,000 EGP / unit
Down payment 10%
10 Installment
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Kardia New Capital by Capital Link Developments | 10 years
Kardia New Capital by Capital Link Developments | 10 years
Kardia New Capital by Capital Link Developments | 10 years
Kardia New Capital by Capital Link Developments | 10 years

Kardia New Capital is an architectural marvel located near the Government District and the Diplomatic Quarter, captivating everyone’s attention with its private entertainment world.

The wide green spaces surrounding the residential units boast magnificent architectural designs characterized by the allure of simplicity and the luxury of exquisite engineering touches, creating a unique blend that has achieved an unparalleled architectural breakthrough.

Overview of Kardia New Capital

This engineering and artistic masterpiece is spread over a vast area dominated by gardens and water features, providing privacy and enjoyable living in a residential neighbourhood that has become one of the landmarks of the New Administrative Capital.

Living in Kardia New Capital not only offers a comfortable and enjoyable life filled with luxury, exceptional services, and entertainment, but also features attractive architectural designs amidst gardens that bring comfort, happiness, and upscale interior decorations harmonizing with the beauty of the surrounding environment.

The spacious units with breathtaking views attract and delight the eye. Moreover, it establishes a prestigious social status due to its uniqueness, creating a distinguished world that holds high value for its residents, resonating with luxury in the real estate market.

Capital Link Real Estate Development, the major developer that has contributed to an architectural leap in the majority of new Egyptian cities, is the developer of Kardia New Capital.

Therefore, the compound has been endowed with greatness. Capital Link strategically selected a location within the New Administrative Capital and allocated a vast area of 23 acres, equivalent to 96,600 square meters. The company made the most of every inch to create an exceptional recreational spot, crafting a unique and enjoyable lifestyle for its residents.

Overview of Kardia New Capital

Real Estate Developer of Kardia New Capital

With unparalleled architectural creativity, Capital Link Developments has entered the Egyptian real estate investment market as the developer and owner of the Kardia New Capital.

In each project it has undertaken, the company has achieved international standards, ensuring impeccable construction quality while incorporating elements of luxury and innovation. As a result, the reputation of this leading real estate company has extended beyond Egypt, resonating throughout the Middle East.

Real Estate Developer’s Previous Projects

  • Solano Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Duwardo Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Laval Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Verona Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Spot 5 Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

Location of Kardia New Capital

Capital Link Real Estate Company sought to create a perfect world in every aspect, making the selection of a prime location a top priority when developing this compound. As a result, Kardia New Capital was established in the Eighth District, one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in the New Capital, close to its major landmarks.

The compound is just minutes away from the Green River, the New Administrative Capital Airport, the Ministry of Defense, the Opera House, the Bank Complex, the Presidential Palace, the Diamond Hotel, and the Iconic Tower. Additionally, it is near Future City, New Cairo, and Madinaty.

Moreover, it is strategically located along the main axes and roads of the New Administrative Capital, such as the Cairo-Suez Road, Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road, the Central Ring Road, the Regional Road, and Ben Zayed Axis, facilitating easy access to all parts of the New Administrative Capital and Greater Cairo.

As a result, this unique residential complex has become an exclusive world with its unparalleled charm, distinguishing itself from any other traditional residential neighbourhood. At the same time, it offers easy accessibility as if all its features have converged into this residential project.

Location of Kardia New Capital

Services of Kardia New Capital

  • Swimming pools are located throughout the compound, catering to various preferences.
  • Finest international restaurants and cafes with world-class services.
  • Top-notch surveillance and security services are available 24/7, equipped with the latest monitoring devices and cameras covering all areas of the compound.
  • State-of-the-art firefighting systems for immediate response to emergencies.
  • Maintenance services are available round the clock.
  • Spa, Jacuzzi, and sauna facilities.
  • Walking and jogging paths amidst refreshing green spaces.
  • Underground garages are equipped to the highest standards.
  • Courts for various sports activities, such as tennis and squash.
  • Spaces for family events and celebrations.
  • Dedicated areas for barbecues amidst the green spaces.
  • Commercial mall featuring the finest global brands.
  • Dedicated spaces for study and work.
  • Highly sensitive advanced fire extinguishing systems.
  • Areas designated for yoga amidst the green spaces.
  • Kids’ play area in the open green spaces.
  • Distinctive social club ensuring the highest levels of luxury for families and friends.
  • Fitness centre equipped with the latest sports equipment sought by fitness enthusiasts.

Features of Project

Kardia New Capital boasts a distinctive strategic location at the heart of the city, just minutes away from its major landmarks. The artistic architectural engineering has integrated residential units within lush green spaces, creating units with breathtaking views where green landscapes dominate most of the compound’s area.

The compound offers an exceptional service and entertainment system throughout its premises, providing residents with unparalleled recreational experiences. Privacy and tranquillity define the atmosphere of Kardia New Capital, reflecting elegance and luxury.

Types of Units in Kardia New Capital

Kardia New Capital offers a diverse range of units, including residential apartments, apartments with gardens, and duplex units, each tailored to various customers’ preferences.

Design of Kardia New Capital

Green spaces cover the majority of the project, with only 20% of the area allocated for construction, while the rest, 80%, is dedicated to gardens, service facilities, entertainment areas, and water features. Gardens intersperse between the units, ensuring privacy and serenity for each unit and offering breathtaking panoramic views.

The architectural design of the units complements the overall aesthetic of the project, creating an almost fantastical world that captivates visitors as they wander amidst exquisite architecture, harmonious gardens, a refreshing ambience, and an environment brimming with beauty and creativity. This is why Kardia New Capital has garnered such remarkable attention in the Egyptian real estate investment market.

The project’s interior decorations and designs perfectly serve the grand concept, blending elegance with tranquillity and simplicity with luxury. Each unit represents an artful fusion that brings unparalleled psychological comfort.

Space of Kardia New Capital

Kardia New Capital covers an extensive area of 23 acres, equivalent to 96,600 square meters. The residential units are spread across various building spaces, offering diverse living options.

Unit Areas:

  • The two-bedroom apartments start from 130 square meters.
  • The three-bedroom apartments start from 147 square meters.
  • Moreover, the four-bedroom residential apartments start from 223 square meters.
  • Duplex apartments, on the other hand, range from 267 square meters to 283 square meters.

Prices of Units in Kardia New Capital

The price per square meter in Kardia New Capital starts from 45,750 Egyptian pounds and goes up to 70,250 Egyptian pounds.

Prices of Units in Kardia New Capital

Payment and Installment Systems

Capital Link Real Estate Development Company has introduced several payment and instalment plans to facilitate customers in paying for their units.

Among these plans is a 10% reservation deposit, with the remaining unit price to be paid in equal installments over up to 10 years without interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of Kardia New Capital?

Capital Link Developments

Where is Kardia New Capital located?

New Capital

How can I contact the sales team of Kardia New Capital?

To contact the sales team, call us at: 01100011773