Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years

New Capital
Prices from 3,100,000 EGP / unit
Down payment 10%
8 Installment
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project name Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years
Project developer Gates Developments
Prices from 3,100,000 EGP / unit
Units space 23 م2
Payment systems Down payment 10% , 8 Installment
Contact with sales 01100011773
Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years
Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years
Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years
Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years
Audaz Mall New Capital by Gates Developments | 8 years

Audaz Mall New Capital is the first of its kind in the Government District of the New Administrative Capital, presenting a golden investment chance with Gates Developments. Situated in an exceptional location facing the renowned Diamond Hotel, Audaz Mall New Capital offers you a free marketing campaign, thanks to its exceptional strategic location and diverse services tailored to suit both investors and visitors.

Overview of Audaz Mall New Capital

Audaz Mall New Capital enjoys a variety of services including security, electronic gates, display screens, modern elevators, and more. The mall is designed across two buildings, housing commercial, administrative, and medical units with varying spaces.

All this and more is available at a reduced price per square meter for a limited time, with convenient instalments and payment options available to all customers.

Overview of Audaz Mall New Capital

Real Estate Developer of Audaz Mall New Capital

Gates Developments is the modern, evolved version of United Arabs Developers, founded in 1995. In 2018, the board members established Gates Developments Company to undertake several exceptional projects across various sectors in the Middle East.

The company’s distinguishing factor lies in the expertise of its board members in meeting the needs and filling the gaps in the real estate markets of Egypt and the Arabian Gulf. They meticulously select projects like Audaz Mall New Capital, utilizing years of experience in construction and engineering design to offer a unique investment model.

With over 25 years of experience in planning and construction, Gates Developments has garnered trust from businessmen and investors across the Arab world. Their portfolio includes residential and commercial projects in Egypt and beyond, all executed at the highest level.

Real Estate Developer’s Previous Projects

Gates Developments has undertaken various projects in Egypt, particularly in the New Administrative Capital. Notable among these is Audaz Mall New Capital, a perfect investment opportunity and a unique model according to the company’s expertise. Some of their previous works include:

  • Catalin Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Plaza España Mall in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Catalin Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • West Gate Mall on the 6th of October City.
  • Large-scale projects in the heart of Cairo.

Location of Audaz Mall New Capital

Audaz Mall New Capital is a strategic investment for Gates Developments Company, emphasizing its location in the heart of the New Capital. The Government District was selected, housing prominent companies and renowned banks, making it one of the best residential neighbourhoods in the capital.

Do you think the location’s advantages are limited to the above? Certainly not. The developer has chosen a prime location near the road network and central axes of the New Administrative Capital, ensuring easy access to and from the mall. This has led to numerous purchase and reservation requests for Audaz Mall New Capital units.

Nearby Locations to Audaz Mall New Capital

Clients and investors are already praising the advantages of Audaz Mall’s New Capital location, including:

  • Located on the Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis in the New Administrative Capital.
  • The first commercial mall in the Government District.
  • Offers an ideal view of the famous Diamond Hotel.
  • Minutes away from the Egyptian Cabinet and Parliament.
  • Surrounded by government entities, banks, and companies.
  • Close to the Presidential District.
  • Near the Green River Park in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Adjacent to the British University.

Location of Audaz Mall New Capital

Services of Audaz Mall New Capital

Audaz Mall New Capital achieves the essentials of successful investment through its diverse services, including:

  • Security and surveillance by a trained security team, electronic gates, and modern cameras.
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing systems, along with back staircases for emergencies.
  • Modern elevators and convenient staircases for easy movement between floors.
  • Reception and inquiry services for complaints.
  • High-speed internet network.
  • Trained maintenance team for repairs, along with cleaning staff.
  • Meeting and event halls.
  • A range of international restaurants and cafes.
  • Ample parking is monitored by cameras, accommodating over 400 cars and is fireproof.
  • Entertainment clubs for relaxation in spa baths and jacuzzis.
  • Mosque for Islamic rituals and prayers.
  • Large screens on all floors for advertisements.
  • Pharmacies for medicines and essentials, with a medical team for emergencies.
  • Hypermarket for household needs.
  • Gym equipped with modern sports equipment and fitness experts.
  • Modern European-style cinema for movie viewing.

Features of Project

Summarizing the endeavours of Gates Developments Company, they are characterized by exclusivity and distinction. Among the features of Audaz Mall in the capital are the following:

  • Geographical Brilliance and Strategy to Ensure High Sales: The strategic geographic design guarantees achieving the highest sales.
  • Global Design and Modern Style to Impress Customers and Investors: The mall boasts a world-class design and modern style to impress customers and investors.
  • Operating Units with Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Sources: Units are operated using energy-efficient and environmentally friendly sources.
  • Employment of Global Engineers and Experts for Construction and Finishing: Internationally renowned engineers and designers were employed for construction and finishing.
  • Managed by the Largest Management Companies in the Middle East: The mall is managed by the biggest management companies in the Middle East.
  • Surrounded by the Best Gardens and Stunning Green Spaces: The mall is enveloped by exquisite green spaces and gardens.
  • Pricing to Accommodate a Wide Range of Investors: A pricing list accommodates a broad spectrum of investors.
  • Offering Multiple Opportunities and Facilities with 8-Year Interest-Free Installments: Multiple opportunities and facilities are offered with 8-year interest-free instalments.

Design of Audaz Mall New Capital

The executing company spared no effort in realizing the full potential of Audaz Mall. They collaborated with international engineers and designers to create a commercial mall with exclusive European designs, seamlessly fusing our original Arab culture with creative pride and grandeur.

The mall consists of Building A and Building B, each spanning 7 upper floors, in addition to the ground floor and the garage. These buildings house a range of commercial, medical, and administrative units designed in a global style, varying in finishes to suit the diversity inherent in investment projects across all sectors.

The buildings’ design stands out in its precision and excellence in unit distribution, catering to administrative, commercial, and medical functions. Buildings A and B are divided as follows:

  • Building A houses units suitable for clinics and specialized medical centres across the second to seventh floors.
  • Building B contains units suitable for administrative work from the second to the seventh floors.
  • Commercial units are located on the ground floor and the first floor within Buildings A and B.

Space of Audaz Mall New Capital

Erected on a space of 4 acres equivalent to 16,800 square meters in the Government District, Audaz Mall incorporates a collection of world-class commercial, administrative, and medical units. Notable for their exclusive and contemporary designs, these units are aligned with the evolution of the current generation.

The building is enveloped by vast green expanses, including gardens, picturesque parks, artificial water bodies, crystal-clear fountains, and more. This greenery occupies the majority of the project’s total area, with the remainder allocated to different units and structures.

Types of Units in Audaz Mall New Capital

Audaz Mall units open the doors to investment for a wide range of investors across various sectors. Gates Developments Company provides splendid privileges and designs sought after by all clients. Additionally, the spaces vary, with meticulous attention to unit distribution in Buildings A and B.

Working within Audaz Mall units yields results through a productive cycle and an environment conducive to work. Administrative and medical units on upper floors ensure tranquillity and the necessary privacy for customer comfort.

Commercial units on the ground floor offer ample space for families and consumers inside stores, restaurants, and cafes, isolating sounds and noise from the administrative and medical units.

Audaz Mall in the New Administrative Capital presents a forward-looking vision in the realm of investment, courtesy of Gates Developments Company. The mall includes diversified units as follows:

  • Cafes, restaurants, and retail shops within the commercial units.
  • Offices for banks, companies, accounting, and business management within the administrative units.
  • Clinics and medical centres within the medical units.

Audaz Mall New Capital Unit Spaces

The distribution of spaces among units grants the mall the ability to accommodate numerous investment projects. Audaz Mall in the New Administrative Capital provides varied spaces as follows:

  • Unit spaces range from 19 to 70 square meters on the ground floor for commercial activities, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Additionally, units ranging from 19 to 75 square meters are available for commercial activities on the first floor.
  • Medical and administrative units vary in space from 52 to 98 square meters.

Prices of Units in Audaz Mall New Capital

Gates Developments Company is renowned for satisfying customers by providing competitive prices in the real estate market. Inside Audaz Mall in the New Capital, unit prices vary based on the price per square meter, as follows:

  • 107,000 Egyptian Pounds per square meter on the ground floor for commercial units.
  • 80,000 Egyptian Pounds per square meter for commercial units on the first floor.
  • Medical and administrative units are priced at 30,500 Egyptian Pounds per square meter.

Prices of Units in Audaz Mall New Capital

Payment and Installment Systems

The ingenuity of the real estate developer’s strategy relies on attracting significant numbers of customers to achieve peak sales. Gates Developments Company annually shatters sales records, thanks to its convenient payment and installment systems strategy.

Reserve a unit within Audaz Mall in the capital with an 8-year interest-free instalment plan, requiring only a 10% reservation down payment. Alternatively, opt to pay the unit price in cash and enjoy a 25% discount off the total unit price. Delivery is guaranteed within just 10 months from the contract date.

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Who is the developer of Audaz Mall New Capital?

Gates Developments

Where is Audaz Mall New Capital located?

New Capital

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To contact the sales team, call us at: 01100011773